Aug / 2015

Visualization – Safe Place and Goal Setting

Take a moment to get comfortable in your seat… set your hands in your lap…and your feet flat on the floor… sit up straight but comfortably… Take a couple of deep breaths, in… and out… in… and out…notice how you are sitting in your chair. If you need to shift to be more comfortable, do […]

Aug / 2015

Self-Care Workshop at Pathways Clubhouse

I delivered a workshop on Developing Your Self-Care Practice at Pathways Clubhouse on Tuesday. What a great group! We discussed what self-care is, why we don’t practice it, and how to develop a self-care habit so you can maintain your practice when life gets busy or stressful.  As a thank you, I received these beautiful […]

Jul / 2015

Having Positive Talks with Aging Parents

   In some families parents’ aging creeps up on them. For others it is a crisis that jolts family members into the realization that their parents are entering a different stage of life. Often these changes are difficult and awkward for families, especially if communication or relationships are not strong. Usually one adult child takes […]

Jul / 2015

International Self Care Day – July 24

    July 24 is International Self-Care Day. The International Self-Care-Care Foundation www.isfglobal.org has come up with Seven Pillars of Self-Care. Here they are: Pillar 1  Health literacy – accessing and understanding basic health information to make healthy decisions.  Pillar 2  Self-awareness – of your physical and mental well-being Pillar 3 Physical activity – participating in […]

Jun / 2015

The Curse of Competence

Most people I know think of themselves as competent. And to a large degree this is true. Sometimes believing you are competent keeps you going. If you start to doubt your competence, fear creeps in that you are losing control. Out of control not only means not being able to manage your life but also, […]