Sep / 2016

Busy hands

Drawing, painting, knitting, gardening, building, carving, sculpting, cleaning, ironing, fixing. All of these activities involve your hands. Some of the items on the list may be more enjoyable than others. Some may be more enjoyable for some people and other activities more appealing to other people. All of the above activities are opportunities to really […]

Sep / 2016


As most students return to school this week in Vancouver, I am thinking of the role of parent. I have been at many a school event where I have watched the parents as much as I’ve watched the students. Same goes for school awards presentations. There is nothing like the look on a parent’s face […]

Dec / 2015


   I was planning to write a post about how to handle stress during the holidays. I changed my mind. A number of people I have been talking with lately have been telling me about the actions they are taking to simplify their lives. It could be that a lot of people in my life […]

Oct / 2015

Mental Health Apps

By Roma Palmer¬†¬†There seems to be an app for everything these days. But I didn’t expect there to be Mental Health Apps! I don’t know why I didn’t but I suppose I still expected mental health to be more of a person-to-person experience. However, when I came across a review of a number of mental […]

Oct / 2015

Saving Some Summer

   School has begun. We are already in mid-October. The seasons are changing. The air gets cooler. The trees start changing colour. Clothes get warmer. There’s an excitement in the air.  On the flip side, the days get shorter. Things feel more serious after the lighter, easier summer months. Once again your time may not […]

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